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Dental implants are special screws similar to a dental root made of biocompatible metals - titanium. Biocompatible materials shall completely merge with the bone and will be accepted by our body. An implant is implanted into the jawbone at the place of a missing tooth with a surgical procedure, and represents a perfect replacement for one’s own tooth. Implantation shall be performed by an oral surgeon or implantologist based on a preceding panoramic dental X-ray or 3D CT scanning in more demanding cases. In the past, implantation was accompanied by pain and intense swelling, but today, we try to reduce these adverse effects to the minimum. This can be achieved with digitally supported planning which increases the efficiency and reduces potential complications of the procedure. Under optimum conditions, implants can be implanted without cuts and bone addition, but only with minor painless procedures.

Lost teeth can be efficiently replaced with dental implants.

In our dental practice, implantation is performed by Peter TATALOVIĆ, DMD, MSc., who completed his postgraduate studies at the Guglielmo Marconi University in Rome under the mentorship of Prof. U. Covani, MD, and Gašper FORTUNA, DMD, specialised in oral surgery.

The procedure is performed under local anaesthesia. The implant is implanted into the jawbone at the place of the missing tooth with a surgical procedure, after which the healing and implant merging process shall last 3 to 6 months. During such time, the implant must not be under stress, as this could impact the healing process and merging of the implant. When the healing and/or merging process is completed, the surgeon shall reopen the mucous membrane and start creating a crown of the tooth after 2 weeks.

When should we decide for a dental implant? An implant represents an excellent solution when a tooth is missing and both adjacent teeth are intact and would be damaged if ground for a bridge.

An implant is also used to stabilise a complete denture, in order to provide a more fixed feeling. As a result, a person can be more relaxed and self-confident in the company of other people or during meals.


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