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Orthodontics (Greek Orthos = straight, even; odontos = tooth) is a specialised branch of dental medicine studying the growth and development of the jaw, teeth and orofacial area as a whole, development irregularities and reasons for them. With support of myofunctional exercises and orthodontic devices it prevents and eliminates congenital and acquired irregularities of teeth and jaws.

Abnormal occlusion (bite) can be the result of irregular position of the jaws and teeth and can lead to various diseases of the mouth and temporomandibular joint. Normal occlusion (bite) is essential for chewing and correct pronunciation, as well as for physical appearance of an individual.

Correctly aligned teeth are important for a healthy bite and appearance of children and adults.

Today, the majority of children are included in orthodontic therapy and use removable or fixed braces. There is no age restriction for orthodontic therapy, as teeth can be moved at any age. With the development of aesthetic, less visible orthodontic devices, more adult patients decide for orthodontic therapy.

In addition to a nice smile which has become more desirable today, correctly aligned teeth enable easier hygiene, adequate occlusion and less wear of teeth.

The orthodontic therapy in the dental practice TATALOVIĆ uses the following braces:

  • Fixed braces with classical metal brackets
  • Fixed braces with ceramic (white) brackets
  • Lingual orthodontic braces (the brackets are attached to the inner side of teeth and are practically invisible)
  • Invisible orthodontic devices: transparent, removable splints

Orthodontic therapy should be followed by a retention period, in order to maintain a stable result.


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