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Removable and fixed prosthodontics

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Missing teeth represent an aesthetic and functional problem for an individual. A person may lose self-confidence, hide a smile, biting forces cease to be even, which means that certain teeth could be more burdened.

Prosthodontics is the field of dentistry focused on replacement of missing teeth with dental prosthetic replacements. Replacements are created in close cooperation with a dental technology laboratory, which means that good cooperation between the dentist and the dental technology laboratory is essential for high-quality dental prosthetic replacements and satisfaction of patients.

Missing teeth can be replaced in several ways:

With dental prosthetic solutions the patient can regain a beautiful, shiny smile and self-confidence, as well as the primary function, allowing him/her to eat normally again.

Dental bridges

A dental bridge is a fixed solution, e.g. a permanent prosthetic replacement, cemented to at least two teeth serving as holders. Thus the gap (empty space) between the teeth is filled. All-porcelain bridges have a Zirconia frame, whereas metal-porcelain bridges have a metal frame. During an examination your dentist shall decide and explain which bridge is more suitable for you, considering your situation.


Veneers and dental crowns are permanent prosthetic replacements which are attached to a ground-down tooth or a dental implant, in order to replace the tooth’s crown. We distinguish between metal-porcelain and all-porcelain veneers.

Partial dentures

Partial dentures are used unless all teeth are missing, if the patient does not decide for implants or bridges, or if a fixed solution is not impossible.

Complete dentures

This is a removable prosthetic replacement used to replace teeth when all the teeth in the jaw have been lost. Dental implants can be used to stabilise a complete denture, which gives the patient a more fixed feeling. As a result, an individual can be more relaxed and self-confident in conversation or during meals.

Final prosthetic works can be started only after the gums and an eventual periodontal disease have been cured, to be able to expect a long lifespan of teeth replacements. A denture should be formed in accordance with your bite, should not hinder you while you are eating, and in general, you should not notice that you are wearing it.

We are aware of the aesthetic and functional aspect of teeth, and we do our best to finish new bridges and dentures as soon as possible. We are highly successful in this field thanks to good planning of pre-treatment, use of top equipment and careful scheduling and coordination with dental technicians.


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