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Price list

Price list
Dental examination 35.00 EUR
Dental examination, children 15.00 EUR
Local X-ray 10.00 EUR
Orthopantomogram 25.00 EUR
CBCT segment 50.00 EUR
CBCT per jaw (5x10) 70.00 EUR
CBCT two jaws (10x10) 110.00 EUR
Fissure sealant per tooth 20.00 EUR
Fluoridation per dental arch 15.00 EUR
Work outside working hours 30.00 EUR
Uncancelled appointment 30.00 EUR
Does not allow teeth restoration (child) 20.00 EUR to 35.00 EUR
Specialised examination 50.00 EUR
Removal of soft and hard plaque per jaw 25.00 EUR
Curettage of a periodontal pocket 10.00 EUR
Sanding per jaw 20.00 EUR
Brushing and polishing per jaw 5.00 EUR
Teeth whitening both jaws 250.00 EUR
Interior whitening per tooth 70.00 EUR
Bruxistic splint (Michigan) 150.00 EUR
Aesthetic pearl on tooth 50.00 EUR
White filling on one side 50.00 EUR
White filling on two sides 60.00 EUR
White filling on three sides 70.00 EUR
White filling on four or more sides 80.00 EUR
Parapulpal pin 10.00 EUR
Temporary filling 10.00 EUR
Toxavit + cavit 20.00 EUR
Filling on milky teeth 30.00 EUR
Vital amputation - milky (without filling) 20.00 EUR
Root canal treatment with mechanical spreading 60.00 EUR to 100.00 EUR
Repeated treatment with mechanical spreading 70.00 EUR to 110.00 EUR
Filling of root canal 50.00 EUR to 100.00 EUR
Replacement of medicine 20.00 EUR to 30.00 EUR
Pulp canal trepanation (per canal) 10.00 EUR
FRC pin 70.00 EUR
Metal-porcelain veneer from 250.00 EUR
Conus veneers 300.00 EUR
All-porcelain veneers from 320.00 EUR
Ceramic veneers (Emax) 350.00 EUR
Inlay, onlay, endo crown - composite 200.00 EUR
Inlay, onlay, endo crown - ceramic (Emax) 300.00 EUR
All-on-4 from 4,200.00 EUR
Complete denture 550.00 EUR
Partial denture with cast metal base 650.00 EUR
Partial denture with cast metal base with attachments or prosthodontics on conuses 700.00 EUR
Attachment (variokugel) 50.00 EUR
Attachment (precline) 100.00 EUR
Replacement of denture rubbers 15.00 EUR
Supporting and repair of denture 70.00 EUR
Temporary denture 70.00 EUR
Temporary denture - valplast 210.00 EUR
Lower denture on locators (2–4) 1,500.00 EUR to 2,100.00 EUR
Complete lower denture on 2–4 implants on a perch 2,300.00 EUR to 2,700.00 EUR
Tooth extraction 30.00 EUR to 50.00 EUR
Complicated tooth extraction 70.00 EUR
Local anaesthesia 10.00 EUR
Gingivectomy 30.00 EUR
Clinical crown extension 100.00 EUR
Tooth carving 160.00 EUR
Apicoectomy 170.00 EUR to 210.00 EUR
Lobe surgery per quadrant 150.00 EUR to 200.00 EUR
Adding a bone substitute and membrane 390.00 EUR
Soft tissue surgery (frenectomy, fibroma) 100.00 EUR
Closed sinus lift 300.00 EUR
Open sinus lift 500.00 EUR
Insertion of a Neodent implant 550.00 EUR
Specialised examination (photos, impressions) 50.00 EUR
Metal braces per jaw 1,150.00 EUR
Aesthetic braces per jaw from 1,300.00 EUR

Per Article 42, Paragraph 1, Item 2 of the Value Added Tax Act, dental services and care are exempt from payment of value added tax, which is not charged.

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