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X-ray scan and CBCT

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An X-ray scan enables the dentist an insight under the enamel and into the dentin. X-ray scanning is essential for diagnostics, because it shows all the changes of the bone, dental crown and area around it.

  • ORTHOPAN - panoramic image of the upper and lower jawbones, image of the status of teeth, dental roots, periodontal tissues and bone structure.
  • LOCAL X-RAY - assessment of the status under the enamel and of the dentin, changes of the bone, tooth root and area around it.
  • INTRAORAL CAMERA - the camera displays a magnified status of teeth and periodontal tissues, enabling current treatment monitoring and control of services.
  • CBCT - (CONE BEAM COMPUTER TOMOGRAPHY) - provides a 3D scan of the head and is used in dental implant planning, endodontics, periodontal tissue diagnostics and other formations in the jaw. A CBCT scan involves imaging in high resolution with a lower radiation dosage than an ordinary CT scan. You will get a scan and the related software on a CD.

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